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Trust in the Machine: Data Femme Podcast with Sepi Seifzadeh

By Christina Howell posted Fri October 22, 2021 01:25 PM


Data Femme's Season Two podcast finale raises the question of whether or not we can or even should trust machines alongside us.
IBM's data wiz @Sepideh Seifzadeh will shower you with new perspectives on learning #datascience, #mentorship and more.

Listen to her podcast "Trust in the Machine" on Dikayo Data. 

Podcast description: 

Join Danielle Oberdier, Founder of Dikayo Data and Sepi Seifzadeh, Program Director of Open Source - Data & AI Technologies at IBM for a riveting discussion on Ethical AI, blogging about data science projects and much more.

See below for a comprehensive list of the resources cited by Sepi in this episode.

Courses created by Sepi and her team at IBM:

Courses on edX:

Courses on Coursera:

List of Open Source Projects initiated by Sepi and her team at IBM:

Additional courses recommended by Sepi:

Sepi’s Blog on Trusted AI