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IBM Data Science and AI Elite


I'm a Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer with IBM Data Science Elite team, based in San Francisco. After studying my PhD in the field of Computer Engineering at the Center for Pattern Analysis and Machine Intelligence at the University of Waterloo, I started my  journey as Big data & Analytics consultant, I then joined IBM as open source solution engineer and was working for IBM Canada for 2 years where I was honored to be awarded “the best of IBM” in 2018. I recently moved from Toronto to San Francisco and joined DSE team. I really enjoy being on the team as I'm learning how to apply Data Science in real world applications and get the chance to meet with different customers in different industries and help them in their Data Science journey. Also, I enjoy working with the top talented people in the team and have a chance to learn from them.
I work on various data analysis and data science workloads by either using the right data engineering method for data preparation or using the right model for data analysis. I'm a speaker in many conferences and summits and love to talk about these concepts and share the recent trends in technology with everyone. I mostly use open source tools such as R, Python, Scala and Spark in IBM Watson Studio, and my recent passion is around model bias detection to make sure that the Machine learning models provide us with fair decisions, as well as model explainability which helps us getting insights on how the decisions were made, to make sure the models are making decisions with trust and transparency using Watson OpenScale. Please read my blog to learn more about this topic: How to prepare your AI for the next wave of Regulations: Trust and Transparency in ML life cycles
In my free time, I go hiking, indoor rock climbing, scuba diving and biking. I have a passion for technology and I always try to keep myself up to date about the recent trends and innovations in the field.