Learn about IBM's Generative AI Architectures - Tested and Deployed Webinar

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Learn about IBM's Generative AI Architectures - Tested and Deployed Webinar 

Wed January 31, 2024 01:55 PM

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The slides are available to download below. Please share your questions here.


Review tested and deployable architectures that enable the use of leading-edge Hybrid Cloud and AI technologies so you can better meet your changing business objectives.

IBM lets you stay ahead of the curve by helping you build architectures that improve developer productivity and simplify how you manage hybrid cloud–based applications. No matter where you start your architecture journey, we offer deployable code, learning resources, and consulting engagements to see you through to the end.

  • Learn about tested and proven GenAI use cases
  • Get your questions answered 
  • Engage with AI and Hybrid Cloud experts

Key speakers

Manav Gupta - Vice President & CTO, IBM Canada

Chris Kirby - Account Technical Leader, IBM

Mihai Criveti - Principal Architect RAG GenAI Platform, IBM


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