Mastering AI Governance and navigating the UK & EU regulatory landscape

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When:  Jul 3, 2024 from 12:30 PM to 04:00 PM (BST)

Generative AI has the potential to boost productivity and unlock trillions in economic value. However, scaling AI across your enterprise comes with new complexities and risks. At this event see how IBM safely executed our AI strategy across our global business at scale.

Join us on Wednesday 3rd July from 12:30 to find out from the experts:

  • How you can effectively manage the UK and EU Regulatory landscape.
  • Overview of  large AI implementations that resulted in huge productivity gains and governance assurance across the entire AI lifecycle.
  • Learn how an open approach and ecosystem partnering allows you to deploy gen AI and machine learning models from any vendor including IBM®™, Amazon Sagemaker and Bedrock, Google Vertex and Microsoft Azure.
  • Discover how you can evaluate and monitor model health, accuracy, drift, bias and Gen AI quality and access powerful governance, risk and compliance capabilities.
  • See real-life examples of how IBM has helped Enterprise clients manage their Gen AI journey



IBM Innovation Studio
20 York Rd, London
London, SE1 7ND