Webinar: Scaling Generative AI with watsonx: The power of choice and flexibility

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When:  May 2, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)


Join this webinar to learn about the latest Generative AI capabilities and models in watsonx.ai. You can now bring in custom foundation models from Hugging Face with model architectures supported by IBM watsonx. Learn how you can take advantage of a wide array of foundation models including Granite (IBM’s flagship foundation model series) and open including Llama and Mixtral 8x7b.

Some of the highlights of what you will learn at this weber are:

  • Bring your own foundation model to watsonx.ai
  • Latest capability updates on the AI tuning studio
  • Overview of the new foundation models supported (Granite multilingual, CodeLlama 34, Mistral)
  • Leading use cases and implementations

Key speakers

Angela Jamerson - Director Product Management watsonx.ai, IBM

Steven Sawyer - Product Manager, Generative AI, IBM

Luv Aggarwal - Global Sales Leader - Generative AI, IBM