Webinar: Vectorize your data for RAG (Retrieval Augmented Generation) at scale with watsonx.data

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When:  Apr 24, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


Learn more about Milvus vectorDB, an open vector database within watsonx.data to store, index, and manage vector embeddings to enable vector similarity search and RAG Generative AI use cases.

Now you can unify, curate, and prepare data efficiently for AI models and applications, enabling RAG use cases at scale across large sets of your trusted, governed data.

Key speakers

Anson Kokkat, Principal Product Manager, IBM

Anson Kokkat works at IBM as a Principal Product Manager in the Data and AI Group. Anson’s professional career spans more than 20+ years where he spent time working on database servers, application development related technologies and cybersecurity. Areas of expertise include everything around mission critical Data and AI products, creating next generation databases related to real time analytics and IoT, large scale database systems and tools and data lake house architectures . He has written many articles and whitepapers, presents and co-organizes at many industry conferences and continues to work with sales, marketing, development and especially
customers out in the field.

Mekki MacAulay, Executive Trusted Advisor & watsonx.data Senior Product Manager, IBM

Mekki MacAulay is a Executive Trusted Advisor & watsonx.data Senior Product Manager. He is a disruptive value creator who breaks down corporate silos by synergizing shared goals, processes, and values, and is passionate about technology renewal to maximizing efficiencies while innovating sustainable competitive advantage.

Sara Hosseini, Product Manager - watsonx.data, IBM

Sara Hosseini is a Product Manager at IBM specializing in the Data and AI space. Sara is currently working on watsonx.data, a fit-for-purpose data lake house. She has previous experience creating products on the cloud, developer environments and overall enhancing users’ experiences. She also works with the sales, marketing, and technical teams dedicated to continuing to grow watsonx.data.