Webinar: Scale and accelerate the impact of AI with watsonx.ai

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When:  Jan 9, 2024 from 01:00 PM to 02:00 PM (ET)


With organizations reporting a 6.3% increase in revenue directly attributable to their AI initiatives, it's clear that AI has the potential to drive significant business value. However, many businesses have struggled with deploying AI projects that see measurable value.

The latest generation of AI innovation, foundation models and Generative AI, has created a paradigm shift in how organizations develop, deploy and scale AI experiments in production. To realize maximum business value from AI, it is crucial for organizations to provide their developers, data scientists, and business users with access to high-quality, trustworthy data, and a unified AI platform for building and refining AI models at a pace to drive rapid business innovation.

Learn how to scale Generative AI initiatives across your company, no matter where your workloads reside with IBM
watsonx.ai – the next-generation enterprise studio that provides trusted models, tools, and runtimes for coders and AI builders to train, validate, tune, and deploy both traditional machine learning and new Generative AI capabilities powered by foundation models.

Join our event to learn more about this open, hybrid, full stack approach that helps businesses scale and operationalize AI from data preparation through model development, deployment, and monitoring

  • Learn about the new features in watsonx.ai
  • Connect with the Product Management team
  • Get your questions answered

Key Speakers

Angela Jamerson, Director Product Management watsonx.ai, IBM

Steven Sawyer, Product Manager watsonx.ai, IBM

Lindsay Kershaw, Product Marketing, watsonx.ai, IBM