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Error in SPSS Modeler (AEQAE1614E)

  • 1.  Error in SPSS Modeler (AEQAE1614E)

    Posted Tue April 20, 2021 04:45 PM
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm very happy that I'm in the group. Nice to meet you.

    Today I have a problem with Time Series node. When I want to do a prediction, I can to do this, but when I add a output table node, I have a problem.

    The main error is uncommon (AEQAE1614E) . I search the solution in web, but i can't find anything.
    Do you have a similar problem. My dataset is expanded. I have a split by Product and Market .The time horizon include 2 years (monthly) back Sometimes the data in month is equal 0. I want to predict a future 12 months.

    Is SPSS a good product to find a solution?

    Kamil Paluch