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AI Pulse - Weekly Gen AI News Alert - May 15th

By NICK PLOWDEN posted 30 days ago


From the Newsroom

AI governance is rapidly evolving — here’s how government agencies must prepare

The global AI governance landscape is complex and rapidly evolving. Key themes and concerns are emerging, however government agencies should get ahead of the game by evaluating their agency-specific priorities and processes. Compliance with official policies through auditing tools and other measures is merely the final step. The groundwork for effectively operationalizing governance is human-centered, and includes securing funded mandates, identifying accountable leaders, developing agency-wide AI literacy and centers of excellence and incorporating insights from academia, non-profits and private industry.

Episode 2: The state of open source, InspectorRAGet, and what’s going on with Kolmogorov-Arnold Network

In episode 2 of Mixture of Experts, host Tim Hwang is joined by Kush Varshney, Marina Danilevsky, and David Cox. This week, the three AI experts weigh in on the explosion of open source technology and identify how it will shape the market. Kush and Tim produce the single most easy explanation of what’s going on with Kolmogorov-Arnold Networks and why it matters.

Community Stories

Scaling generative AI with flexible model choices

This blog series demystifies enterprise generative AI (gen AI) for business and technology leaders. It provides simple frameworks and guiding principles for your transformative artificial intelligence (AI) journey. We delve into why foundation model choices matter and how they empower businesses to scale gen AI with confidence.

Part 2 in the EU Act Series: Preparing for the EU AI Act: getting governance right

The EU AI Act uses a classification system categorizing risk to users. The three levels are, prohibited systems with little exception, high-risk and low risk systems. These levels will dictate the extent of regulation and fines for non-compliance. Under the EU AI ACT, companies not complying at the  highest level can face fines as much as 7.5 million euros or 1.5% of a company’s total worldwide annual turnover (whichever is higher). 


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