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Red Hat Delivers Accessible, Open Source Generative AI Innovation with Red Hat Enterprise Linux AI

By NICK PLOWDEN posted 17 days ago

  • The offering is the first to deliver supported, indemnified and open source-licensed IBM Granite LLMs under Red Hat’s flexible and proven enterprise subscription model
  • Adds open source InstructLab model alignment tools to the world’s leading enterprise Linux platform to simplify generative AI model experimentation and alignment tuning
  • Provides a supported, enterprise-ready model runtime environment across AMD, Intel and NVIDIA platforms for fueling AI innovation built on open source

Building AI in the open with InstructLab

IBM Research created the Large-scale Alignment for chatBots (LAB) technique, an approach for model alignment that uses taxonomy-guided synthetic data generation and a novel multi-phase tuning framework. This approach makes AI model development more open and accessible to all users by reducing reliance on expensive human annotations and proprietary models. Using the LAB method, models can be improved by specifying skills and knowledge attached to a taxonomy, generating synthetic data from that information at scale to influence the model and using the generated data for model training.

After seeing that the LAB method could help significantly improve model performance, IBM and Red Hat decided to launch InstructLab, an open source community built around the LAB method and the open source Granite models from IBM. The InstructLab project aims to put LLM development into the hands of developers by making, building and contributing to an LLM as simple as contributing to any other open source project.

As part of the InstructLab launch, IBM has also released a family of select Granite English language and code models in the open. These models are released under an Apache license with transparency on the datasets used to train these models. The Granite 7B English language model has been integrated into the InstructLab community, where end users can contribute the skills and knowledge to collectively enhance this model, just as they would when contributing to any other open source project. Similar support for Granite code models within InstructLab will be available soon.

Read the full press release from Red Hat.