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watsonx Pulse Weekly AI News Alert - Feb 28

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Tue February 27, 2024 08:28 PM


From the Newsroom

IBM has found immediate business applications for transformers in their current state. But the eventual goal is to design architectures that can integrate data from anywhere into a general representation. Their vision is a transformer that can extract the structure of dynamic events in nature or the built environment and transfer this knowledge to never-before-seen domains to accurately predict the future.

The Department of Defense (DoD) has recognized the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) in transforming society and national security. To ensure responsible use of AI, the DoD has established five ethical principles: responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable, and governable. IBM, a leader in trustworthy AI, recommends operationalizing these principles by focusing on AI literacy, partnering with trusted organizations, and implementing governance frameworks that align with the DoD's strategic goals and values. 

Community Stories

The following document lists the supported foundation models that IBM provides. All IBM models are instruction-tuned. 

In today's dynamic business landscape, organizations across various industries are grappling with many challenges that hamper their efficiency, productivity, and their ability to deliver exceptional customer service. These challenges range from data management and decision-making to workflow automation and regulatory compliance. These are complex issues that require intelligent, scalable, and flexible solutions. This is where generative AI, and more specifically, the IBM watsonx platform, can help. By applying generative AI, organizations are able to improve their efficiency, productivity, decision-making, and customer service.

Learn how open source impacts watsonx through some of the key open source projects that IBM has invested in. We work to ensure a healthy future for these projects through contributing code, knowledge, and resources. After all, the developers, architects, and sysadmins that have chosen an open-source-based product like watsonx count on IBM to represent their needs in these key strategic open source communities.


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