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SingleStoreDB’s powerful vector database functionality support of watsonx.ai.

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Tue November 21, 2023 06:25 PM


In December 2021, IBM and SingleStore announced their strategic partnership with SingleStoreDB with IBM and in December 2022 the partnership launched SingleStoreDB as a Service with IBM available on AWS, Azure and the Microsoft Azure Marketplace.  Now they are taking the next step in their strategic partnership to announce SingleStoreDB’s powerful vector database functionality’s support of watsonx.ai.

Why SingleStoreDB for your Generative AI applications? 

  • SingleStoreDB offers a powerful vector database matched with world class query performance. 
  • SinglestoreDB is suited for generative AI applications with semantic search, fast ingest, low latency response times, foundation models, traditional ML and highly concurrent queries.
  • SingleStoreDB reduces data sprawl providing a simpler, more powerful approach to handling vectors alongside traditional structured and unstructured data.
  • Unlike specialized vector databases, SingleStoreDB stores vector data in relational tables alongside other types of data. Co-locating vector data with related data allows you to easily query extended metadata and other attributes of your vector data — with the full power of SQL.

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