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In Depth Look at the Granite Foundation Models

By NICK PLOWDEN posted Thu October 12, 2023 07:22 PM


In September 2023,  IBM introduced the Granite Foundation Models, a new family of IBM-built foundation models which will be available in watsonx.ai, our studio for generative AI, foundation models and machine learning. Collectively named “Granite,”.  These multi-size foundation models apply generative AI to both language and code. And just as granite is a strong, multipurpose material with many uses in construction and manufacturing, so we at IBM believe these Granite models will deliver enduring value to your business.

This document provides a detailed view of he Granite series of decoder-only foundation models for generative artificial intelligence (AI) tasks that are ready for enterprise use. It provides an in depth view of the architecture, capabilities, underlying data and data governance, training algorithms, compute infrastructure, energy and carbon footprint, testing and evaluation, socio-technical harms and mitigations, and usage policies.

Check out the report.