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IBM Champion Spotlight: Branden Voegerl

By Namitha K posted Sat March 16, 2024 04:47 AM


Meet Branden Voegerl, who became an IBM Champion in 2024 on account of his expertise and passion in the technology realm. As the Director of IBM Solutions at CleanSlate Technology Group (CSTG, Inc), Branden brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to the community. In the vast landscape of IBM's offerings, Branden finds himself particularly drawn to watsonx; “IBM has a ton of great products and solutions. As a cross-brand reseller, I get the opportunity to work with many of them. However, I would have to say my favorite currently is watsonx. There isn’t a company out there that is not, at least, discussing what AI/ML can do for their organisation”.

For Branden, advocacy is a passion nurtured through community engagement; “I love meeting with customers, partners, distributors, IBM sellers, etc and putting our heads together to develop best of breed solutions for our customers and potential customers”. Whether it's collaborating with customers, partners, or fellow IBM enthusiasts, Branden finds joy in the collective pursuit of excellence. Reflecting on his journey, Branden attributes his commitment to giving back to the technology community to his deep-rooted connection with IBM and its ecosystem. He adds, “I’ve lived and breathed IBM software for over 16 years with CleanSlate. IBM, my colleagues, and the Community have become my 2nd family. I spend just as much time, if not more, with them than my own family!”.

“CSTG has recently worked with our Cloud Consultants, IBM Engineering, and AWS Engineering to put together an AI/ML POC environment utilising watsonx.data and AWS tools such as SageMaker and BedRock, in an effort to provide customers with a production ready, scalable environment to facilitate AI/ML workloads.  We are using the better together story of IBM and AWS technologies to expedite customers from POC to production.  It is very exciting stuff!!”

If Branden weren’t a part of the technology world, he would dream about being a front-office decision-maker for the Dallas Cowboys; “I love NFL Football and am a HUGE fan of the Cowboys. It would be a dream come true to be a part of the decision-making process to help a TEAM succeed“.

Lightning round:

  • What would be your superpower and why? The ability to Fly!! Airline tickets are getting ridiculous!!
  • Ice cream or cake? Whoa, tough one! Depends on the situation and the flavour.  
  • Cats or dogs? More of a dog guy, but currently have a cat named Charlee…
  • Summer or winter? 100% Summer
  • Morning or evening? Evening. I’m a night owl
  • eBook or paper book? E-Book
  • TV shows or movies? Tough call…Comedy or Action…doesn’t matter if it is a movie or TV show.
  • A night out or a night in? As an extrovert…Night Out!!
  • Cannonball into the pool or dip a toe in first? I totally dip a toe. I am afraid of cold water and it takes me hours to get in!
  • Go-to karaoke song? Sweet Caroline
  • Drive or fly? Fly!







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Tue March 19, 2024 12:05 PM

Congrats Branden!