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Design Principles for Generative AI Applications

By Justin Weisz posted Thu February 29, 2024 10:18 AM


Generative AI technologies are capable of incredible feats: chatbots that speak fluently when answering our questions, image generation models that produce high-fidelity artworks and illustrations from our words, and coding assistants that help us write source code more quickly. New applications we couldn’t envision just a few years ago are now being created over the course of an afternoon or weekend with state-of-the-art foundation models. Existing applications from companies like Adobe and Microsoft have also been infused with generative capabilities to provide users with new, co-creative experiences.

Given this rapid commercialization of generative AI technologies, there is an urgent need for guidance on how to design user experiences that foster effective and safe use.

Check out our design principles for generative AI applications. Designers within IBM are using them to craft effective and safe user experiences with generative AI.

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