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Put AI to work with watsonx foundation models

By EDWARD CALVESBERT posted Tue April 02, 2024 06:58 PM


Co Authored by: Edward Calvesbert, Vice President, Product Management, watsonx Platform

Co Authored by: Vivek Bharathi, Senior Product Marketing Manager, watsonx.ai Foundation Models

IBM adopts an open ecosystem approach for its model strategy, integrating proprietary, third-party and open-source models into the watsonx platform, a

unified data, AI and governance platform. IBM watsonx foundation models constitute a library of trusted, high-performing and cost-effective models accessible to clients directly from IBM® watsonx.ai™ or through IBM watsonx™ AI Assistants in digital labor, customer experience, application modernization and IT operations.  

Employing a hybrid, multi-cloud approach, IBM offers clients the flexibility to deploy models on their preferred infrastructure, be it software as a service or on-premises. Clients can achieve superior price-to-performance ratios with industry or domain-specific and quantized (infrastructure optimized) models, alongside an easy-to-use toolkit for customization (fine-tuning and prompt tuning models), specialized databases, and flexible hybrid cloud deployment options on the watsonx platform.  

With its 2024 roadmap, IBM aims to empower clients with enterprise-grade multimodal (code, text, audio, image, geospatial) and multilingual model options tailored to their specific business needs, regional interests and risk profiles. 

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