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IBM Granite Large Language Models Whitepaper

By Armand Ruiz posted 21 days ago


The IBM Granite LLMs white paper is a technical masterpiece

While the hype focuses on consumer AI, IBM Research has quietly assembled the definitive playbook for responsible and robust enterprise generative AI.

The Granite white paper offers unprecedented transparency into:
▪️ Model architecture, capabilities, and performance
▪️ Data sourcing, clearance, governance
▪️ Training approach and compute needs
▪️ Testing methodology and benchmarking
▪️ Mitigating harms and ethical usage policies

This whitepaper provides a detailed overview of the IBM Granite series of decoder-only foundation models for generative artificial intelligence (AI) tasks that are ready for enterprise use. We report on the architecture, capabilities, underlying data and data governance, training algorithms, compute infrastructure, energy and carbon footprint, testing and evaluation, socio-technical harms and mitigations,
and usage policies.

Read the Granite Foundation Models whitepaper.