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Open sourcing IBM’s Granite code models

By Armand Ruiz posted Wed May 08, 2024 07:35 AM


IBM is releasing a family of Granite code models to the open-source community. The aim is to make coding as easy as possible — for as many developers as possible.

What we’re open sourcing

We’re releasing a series of decoder-only Granite code models for code generative tasks, trained with code written in 116 programming languages. The Granite code models family consists of models ranging in size from 3 to 34 billion parameters, in both a base model and instruction-following model variants. These models have a range of uses, from complex application modernization tasks to on-device memory-constrained use cases.  

Granite code models

Image 1: Comparing the Granite-8B-Code (Base/Instruct) with other similarly sized open-source code LLMs on HumanEvalPack. Three coding tasks and six programming languages were used.

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