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Sevilla FC Transforms the Player Recruitment Process with the Power of IBM watsonx Generative AI

By Aine Lenihan posted Tue January 23, 2024 08:27 AM


LIVE from TXC EMEA in Barcelona

Day 1 at IBM TechXchange EMEA in Barcelona has kicked off in style with the keynotes featuring an big watsonx announcement. IBM's Dinesh Nirmal and Sevilla FC's Chief Data Officer, Elias Zamora Sillero, unveiled their new player recruitment process which uses the power of IBM's watsonx generative ai.
Photo: Dinesh Nirmal on the TXC EMEA stage with Elias Zamora Sillero
Elias explained how Sevilla FC's data department worked with IBM's Client Engineering Team to build Scout Advisor, leveraging watsonx's NLP and foundation models to search and analyze its massive database of quantitative & qualitative player evaluations- including data such as height and weight, speed, number of goals or minutes played, and qualitative unstructured data such as the textual analysis contained in their more than 200,000 scouting reports.
Photo: Dinesh Nirmal at TXC EMEA with Elias Zamora Sillero
Combining this with the use of generative AI to bridge the gap between metrics-based scouting and human-centric observations that cannot be as easily measured on the pitch.
The outcome of this automated approach further enhances Sevilla FC's player identification process, helping them to make more efficient and informed recruitment decisions.
Photo: Dinesh Nirmal onstage at TXC EMEA 
Watsonx enables Sevilla FC to bridge the gap between traditional human-centric and data-driven scouting in the identification and characterization of potential recruits.