Sri Ram Pisupati

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Hi! I am a technical writer/information developer with proficiency in the documentation for over 14 years. Education - I hold a master's degree in Project Management alongside MA in English (Lit.,) Experience - I have been working in domains such as cloud, healthcare, telecom, and supply chain. Strengths - Good at written and communication skills, and networking skills. Time is never a constraint when it comes to delivering a task. Maybe this I can see as my weakness if put the other way round. I am an avid blogger, and I keep exploring the best possible means of creating an impressive footprint in social media through knowledge sharing. I engage myself in accomplishing any task with the touch of passion for better output every time. Other things, I like to see myself as a proactive gut to the extent possible with unlimited positive energy! At IBM, I aspire to see new horizons as a core member of the documentation team contributing my skills across org-related activities.