Ian Wright

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I'm a former IBMer -- Started in the late 90s as a co-op in Mechanicsberg, PA and went from there to the SE390 program to revitalize the SE ranks for S/390. But I was uniquely assigned a product that was owned by the S/390 organization but was not a mainframe. It was an OEM of a Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexor from Nortel that we called the IBM 2029 Fiber Saver. On my team my focus was on that and Disaster Recovery via the GDPS offering. After the 2029 was removed from marketing in 2001, I joined Storage ATS out of Gaithersburg, MD and worked there until 2008 when I moved into the field as a CTS. I continued to work in the Mid-Atlantic region, and broadened my skills beyond the DS8k replication that I had mostly focused on. In 2017, after much consideration, I made the decision to move to Mainline Information Systems where I continue to work and have investigated and certified in other technologies both complementary and competitive. In my personal life, I've been married since 2009 and we have a daughter, Danica, born in 2015. We also have too many pets. (2) cats, (1) dog (all senior) and a COVID puppy named Krypto. When I have time I enjoy playing Role Playing Games (Table Top and Computer) and have been teaching Danica the joys of them through the "No Thank You Evil" game