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IBM SPSS Modeler Subscription Available for Purchase

By Ted Fischer posted Thu November 02, 2017 04:21 PM

I am pleased to announce that IBM SPSS Modeler Subscription in now available for purchase on IBM Marketplace.. The same enterprise data science and predictive analytics platform that granted IBM a lead position in analyst ratings is available at your fingertips, at your desktop!

The new SPSS Modeler Subscription has all the powerful code-free data science capabilities you already know, but in a flexible licensing model! Its Monthly subscription without annual commitments is easy to buy, easy to manage and easy to receive updates.

For only $199 per user per month, you can now access this powerful data science and predictive analytics software from your desktop. SPSS Modeler Subscription is available as a base edition that includes a graphical drag and drop interface, extensive data preparation capabilities including automatic data preparation, interactive decision trees, a large library of algorithms, geospatial analysis, extensibility into R, Python, and Spark and much more.

And if your project requires SQL capabilities, IBM SPSS Subscription offers a SQL Optimization add-on. For additional $100 a month, you are able to access data preparation translation functions and model scoring into SQL. The SQL can then be sent to many popular relational databases including DB2, Oracle, SQL, Teradata and Netezza. The analysis can also be pushed into Hortonworks via IBM's BigSQL offering and into other Hadoop distributions via Hive.

Besides the flexible payment option, this offering also simplifies the installation and usage experience. Once you purchase the software you can access the IBM My Products and Services website to obtain your license. It’s easy to download and install.

Once installed, you simply need to enter your IBM ID (usually your email address) and password to activate it. There are no license keys to manage!

Updates will be automatically pushed to the software on a periodic basis.

If you have multiple users, you can designate an administrator to manage the software including assigning seats or contacting support.

We hope you are excited about this new offering and would consider trying the New SPSS Modeler Subscription today! FREE 30 day trial. If you wish to buy it after the trial period, this same download will become your copy of IBM SPSS Modeler Subscription.

For more information watch the IBM SPSS Modeler Subscription Webinar Data science: From the Enterprise to your Desktop. To Business Analysts and Data Scientists