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New SPSS Modeler Extensions available

By SARAH DUNWORTH posted Tue July 05, 2016 10:39 AM

I'm pleased to announce three new (assorted) extensions are available to download from the gallery for IBM SPSS Modeler.

We have a submission from our partner ESRI, the leading GIS provider - just pass in latitude/logitude values into the node to augment your dataset with the latest population, lifestyle, market, job and spending data from their Geoenrichment Service. Note that this integration requires an ArcGIS Online subscription, but you can register for a free evaluation here. Download the National Statistics with ESRI extension from the Gallery or on Github here. 

We also have the first in a series of Alchemy extensions - The Sentiment Analysis with Alchemy extension uses the Alchemy Sentiment Analysis API to generate a simple determination of positive or negative sentiment on the record or document level unstructured data you pass in.  Thanks to Yu Wen Pei for this one. Download the Sentiment Analysis with Alchemy extension on the Gallery or on Github here and watch for more Alchemy extensions to follow over the next couple of weeks.

And thirdly, another submission from an IBMer, Jonathan Langefeld. Creating simple moving averages over the last n periods can be a challenge in SPSS Modeler. Often used on financial data or similar data to reduce noise, indicate trends or compare moving averages over different periods, you can now generate them easily with this node. Just select your field with continuous data, specify the periods and a name for the new field to return the moving average (unweighted mean of the previous n data). Future commits might contain the possibility to select different kinds of moving averages like the exponential moving average or the weighted moving average. Feel free to fork and contribute on the git repository

Please let me know if you have extensions you would like to see on the gallery, as well as ones you would like to contribute




Tue August 02, 2016 01:47 AM

Hi Mikhal
The new extension format ".mpe" only support Modeler 18 currently.
Yu Wenpei.

Thu July 28, 2016 12:17 PM

I bought SPSS Modeler 17 few weeks ago and interested to use the sentiment analysis node. However, I faced few issues:
1. it is stated that version 18 is required. will it not work in my software? if so, is there any previous version of sentiment analysis I can use?
2. I downloaded the zip file from https://github.com/IBMPredictiveAnalytics/Sentiment_Analysis_with_Alchemy
but unable to run/install it. could you assist how to load the extension in the SPSS modeler?

Thanks a lot.