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IBM Watson Assistant is Helping Design Personalized Blockchain-Powered Car Insurance Contracts

" Enterprise AI developer VAIOT has integrated IBM’s Watson Assistant into its new platform for finding and selling car insurance. The virtual assistant applies natural language processing to talking to potential customers and filling out the contract, which relies on blockchain technology." ...

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Watson Assistant Learning Path

Watson Assistant Learning Path - this free rersource is geared towards developers looking for some hands on examples and learning activities with Watson Assistant. #Featured-area-3 #Featured-area-3-home #watson-assistant

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Building a multi-region IBM Watson Assistant application

Great short article by Robin Bobbitt , which describes the "circuit breaker" pattern for deploying a Watson Assisistant based digital assistant. Also has some example code (in Node.js) that you can see in GitHub which implements a simple example of this pattern. #watson-assistant ...