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    Posted 11 days ago
    Hi Watson Discovery community members!  I understand that most of you do not have access to Watson Discovery v2 because currently it is only released for the Premium price plan and the beta testing for less expensive plans is a closed/internal beta (it should be ready for release soon though!!!).  However, I would like to start a discussion thread about the new Answer Finding feature in v2 Discovery here so that anyone can post on this thread if they have any feedback or issues they would like to discuss with the community.   Anyone can join in right away if they do have a Watson Discovery v2 instance and are trying this feature out.  Alternatively, if you have input from reading through the documentation, feel free to post that here too.

    Right now we have two main published sources about this feature:

    Does anyone have any questions or comments?

    Bill Murdock
    Principal Research Staff Member
    IBM Watson