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Welcome to the Build With Watson Apps topic group

By Daniel Toczala posted Wed July 08, 2020 02:07 PM


My name is Dan Toczala, but most people just call me "Tox" (a shorter version of my last name).  I am a Customer Success Manager and Technical Leader here at IBM, and I have been working with the Watson technology for the past five years, helping people use Watson's capabilities to help them solve important problems.  I know a lot about Watson and AI in general, but I still have a lot to learn - and I am learning every day.  I am writing these "Welcome" blog posts for each of the topic groups in the community so I can give you an idea of why we are launching this, what you can expect from the community and the topic group, and what is expected of community members.

This Build With Watson Apps topic group is going to focus on topics, questions, discussions and materials that relate to building applications and solutions based on the Watson technologies.  So for tips and help on building a chatbot, look here.  Wondering how to expose your content using Discovery to dynamically educate your chatbot?  This is the place to be.  Do you have some questions about how to best architect a virtual assistant?  Look here.  Wondering about the best ways to support building and maintaining a multi-lingual chatbot?  Look here.  Wondering how to best contain and estimate the costs (and savings) associated with a voice-enabled chatbot that will provide call center capabilities?  I think you get the idea.

There are multiple areas where you can collaborate.  The discussions area will have questions and discussions related to the building of solutions that use Watson to make them special.  The library will have materials and content like slides, project plans, architectures, and other things that community members may share, or collaborate on.  Blogs will contain stories and articles that allow you to read about best practices, and to share your growing expertise with the rest of the community.  Finally, the events section will highlight upcoming events that may be of interest to members of this topic group.

Please keep in mind that for any community to be useful, members have to feel safe.  Please act and post in a professional manner.  It's fine to disagree with others in the community and to have spirited conversations, but these conversations should be conducted professionally (like adults), without becoming abusive, insulting, derogatory, or offensive.  This should be a safe and positive place for people to teach others, learn from others, and collaborate with others.

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