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Enhancing customer service with cognitive technology

By NICKOLUS PLOWDEN posted Wed February 02, 2022 07:09 PM


To augment its call-centers, MRS BPO uses IBM Voice Gateway and IBM Watson technology to deploy virtual agents that conduct natural conversations and support consistent, compliant quality. The company takes more calls, provides faster responses, and collects more money per call.

MRS implemented IBM Voice Gateway and IBM Watson Assistant software to create a voice agent, Adam, that customers can chat with over the phone. Adam is a trailblazing conversational IVR that needs no human supervision in order to complete transactions, answer questions and redirect customers.

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Michael Meyer, Chief Innovation Officer at MRS BPO, spearheaded the project to bring voice recognition to the company. @michael meyer is a member of the Watson Apps Community and a 2022 IBM Champion. 

Stay tuned for the latest updates on MRS BPO's innovative Virtual Assistant developments.

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