Rapid startup without compromise for cloud-native Java applications Webinar

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Thu November 17, 2022 05:16 PM

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"Instant On" for applications is essential in cloud and serverless environments where scale-to-zero is used to minimize costs. CRIU is a powerful technology that can be used to achieve fast startup times. However, CRIU alone is not sufficient, there are many factors that need to be addressed in order to achieve a successful restore. Join Tobi as he demonstrates how Liberty InstantOn leverages OpenJ9 CRIU Support to achieve fast startup time while keeping applications functionally sound. This session will introduce the audience to the OpenJ9 CRIU Support API, and discuss some of challenges with checkpoint/restore and the JVM enhancements introduced to address those challenges. The audience will learn why these enhancements are required to enable applications to function properly in a checkpoint/restore world.

Key Speakers

Tobi Ajila - Java Runtime developer for the OpenJ9 VM

Tobi is a Java Runtime developer for the OpenJ9 VM team in Ottawa, Canada. In the past he has worked on Interpreter optimizations, JVMTI enhancments, Modularity, JSR 335 and more. Currently, his main focus is on investigating checkpoint/restore technology at the JVM level and Project Valhalla where he collaborates with other developers in the Valhalla expert group.
Tobi has an interest in optimizing the Java Runtime for cloud environments. He previously worked on a JVM multi-tenant incubator project and has investigated enhancements for Java application deployments on IBM Cloud.

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