Optimizing Java for the cloud so you don’t have to Webinar

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21 days ago

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Have you heard that you have to do Java differently to make it cool in the cloud? What if Java did things differently so you don’t have to? With the latest breakthroughs in Java virtual machine technology, you can bring your existing workloads and build new ones optimized for the cloud. Our latest Java-in-container technology lets application containers start in milliseconds to make Java-based serverless workloads practical, and offloads memory-intensive processing to enable applications to run faster with less. You don’t need to change how you use Java, just use a Java optimized for the cloud. We love you just the way you are.

Key Speakers

Ian Robinson
Dr. Ian Robinson is an IBM Distinguished Engineer and CTO of IBM Application Platform. He has more than 25 years' experience working in distributed enterprise computing across product development, open standards, and open source. He is responsible for the technical strategy of IBM Application Platform technologies including WebSphere and Java, and for innovation delivered through community projects like Open Liberty. Ian is a founder member of both the MicroProfile and Jakarta EE projects at Eclipse, which are helping define the future of Java for the cloud

Mark Stoodley
With a background in compiler optimization and computer architecture, Mark joined IBM in 2002 to develop JIT compilers for Java. After many years working as a JIT compiler developer and technical lead for WebSphere Real Time, he was asked to lead the work to refactor the IBM J9 Java Virtual Machine into two parts and to create two open source projects at the Eclipse Foundation: Eclipse OMR, providing reusable runtime components for building all kinds of language runtimes, and Eclipse OpenJ9, which uses OMR to build a Java Virtual Machine optimized for container- and cloud-based Java workloads. Following the successful creation of both projects, Mark is now an IBM Senior Technical Staff Member and Chief Architect for IBM Java, leading Java technical strategy for a global team at IBM that supplies Java runtimes to meet the needs of thousands of Java based software products and services.

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