Bet Big on AI-Powered Automation Speaker Series: Rosie Lickorish

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When:  Jul 14, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 11:30 AM (ET)


Join Stephanie Mehta , Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company, for conversations with some of today’s top leaders in academia, activism, business and beyond, discussing just how transformative a big bet can be.

The Bet Big Speaker Series interviews industry leaders who gained success by betting big. Our guests are not only a part of the current conversation, they are leading this conversation. See how transformative a big bet can be as our speakers sit down with Stephanie Mehta to discuss the risks, the rewards and the moment when they went all in.


Rosie Lickorish
Rosie Lickorish
Software Engineer Emerging Technology
IBM Research

Software Engineer within the Emerging Technology group, a unique division of IBM Research tasked with bridging the gap between research and business. After completing her BSc in Mathematics from the University of Edinburgh and MSc in Oceanography from the University of Southampton, Rosie joined IBM's graduate program as a software engineer. Recognising the value of using technology to tackle real world problems, like those covered in her MSc, Rosie became an Emerging Technology Specialist within IBM Research where she works today.

Rosie is currently leading the development of pioneering new approaches for gathering data about the ocean with the Mayflower Autonomous Ship (MAS). Using AI-powered autonomous sensors onboard crewless ships like MAS, marine biologists and oceanographers will be able to gather more comprehensive datasets about challenges from sea level height change, to microplastic pollution, and marine mammal conservation.

Stephanie Mehta
Stephanie Mehta
Editor in Chief, Host
Fast Company

The world is changing faster than ever—and so are our businesses, at breakneck speeds. How can we adapt, and inject our organizations with agility, innovation, and entrepreneurial zeal? As the Editor-in-Chief of Fast Company, Stephanie Mehta spends time with the entrepreneurs and inventors who are transforming business at dizzying speeds. Drawing from her over twenty-five years of business journalism—as a former editor at Fortune and The Wall Street Journal—Mehta’s talks combine her encyclopedic knowledge of business developments with thoughtful, radical storytelling, instructing audiences on how to eschew traditionalism, enhance culture and creativity, and make any company a “fast company”.