Webinar: Transform your application estate with modernization tools from IBM Cloud Pak for Applicati

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When:  May 30, 2024 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)


Application teams are taking an estate-wide approach to application modernization. Tools that rapidly guide teams through this approach are critical to successful re-platforming and refactoring. Through a compilation of customer stories hear how teams just like yours are successfully deploying application modernization strategies to achieve greater productivity and drive new innovation.  

Discover key technologies that are simplifying and automating the modernization of Java applications. Understand where on the spectrum of continuous modernization the applications in your estate will fall and how to optimize your efforts.

Key speakers

Dana Price, Distinguished Engineer, CTO for IBM Software Modernization, Master Inventor, IBM

As CTO for IBM Software Modernization, Dana is the executive focal point and modernization leader, enabling and executing modernization strategies and assimilating software assets into services methodologies.  Dana has over 35 years of exciting development and architectural experiences with IBM.  For several years, she led the app mod strategy and tools development in Application Runtimes, including the WebSphere Application Migration Tools, IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor and IBM Mono2Micro, to accelerate the journey of modernizing clients’ application landscape and reaping the benefits of cloud adoption.  She enjoys engaging with clients and partners to ensure that our products and strategy continue to make their ideal modernization journeys as smooth as possible.


John Buckley, Product Manager - Cloud Automation, Transformation Advisor/Mono2Micro, IBM

John has been part of IBM for 20+ years after an acquisition in 2007 prior to which John was a Java Developer and Architect for Telco solutions.  Since then he had led offerings in IT Cost Management and worked in many areas of Cloud management and orchestration. John now works as a Technical Offering Manager building tooling to help enterprises adapt to Cloud technologies and practices.

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