On-Demand Webinar: Rapid startup without compromise for cloud-native Java applications

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When:  Oct 19, 2022 from 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (ET)

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"Instant On" for applications is highly desirable in today's cloud and serverless environments where applications should scale to zero when not in use and then create new instances immediately to handle the increased load. Join Tom and Vijay as they explore the future of instant-on for Java applications using Checkpoint/Restore in User-space (CRIU), a feature on Linux that enables one to take a snapshot of a running process. This snapshot can then be restored quickly using CRIU and resume serving application users without compromising on Java standards or peak application throughput performance. They will also demo this approach through live coding using Open Liberty (and Eclipse OpenJ9) in a container image that were released as a beta recently.

Key Speakers

Vijay Sundaresan, STSM, Hybrid Cloud Performance Architect
Vijay Sundaresan is a Performance Architect at the IBM Toronto Lab responsible for WebSphere and Java performance. Vijay’s technical background and expertise is in the areas of performance analysis, compilation, virtual machines, Java specifications, and hardware optimizations over the past two decades. Vijay was one of the original architects who implemented the IBM J9 JVM and is a committer on the Eclipse OpenJ9 and the Eclipse OMR projects that were created when the technology was open sourced. As a graduate student at McGill University Vijay also made contributions to the Soot bytecode analysis framework.

Thomas Watson, Eclipse Equinox Project Lead

Thomas Watson has over 20 years of experience contributing to and leading various open source projects at the Eclipse and the Apache Foundations. His current focus includes the development of the Open Liberty project, moving the Eclipse Jakarta and Eclipse OSGi specifications forward as well as contributing to the Eclipse IDE project and the Apache Felix project. Thomas lives and works in Austin Texas as a Senior Software Engineer at IBM.

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