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  • 1.  Rational test realtime TDP

    Posted 4 days ago
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    Could you please tell me if there is an already existing TDP for Tasking TriCore_v6.3r1 compiler?
    It seems not to be "by default" included inside our RTRT Version:

    There is no need to run on target, but at least on simulation will be OK.

    Another point is that also, when we want to create a local test variable, it seems that we don't have access to all the types that we could need. For example, we can see some pointer to TYPE, but not TYPE itself.
    Do I miss something?

    Thanks for your help.


    Damien COUTADEUR

  • 2.  RE: Rational test realtime TDP

    Posted 4 days ago


    With the delivery of TestRealTime, you have list of TDPs which can be use as base ( <Installation folder>\tdpList.html).
    The most important and tricky part of a TDP is the execution phase not the compilation. The main question is to know what I/O is available on your target to guide you to the best TDP for the customisation, if it exists. 

    I suggest to open a supportticket for this request.

    For the question regarding the type, what type you are looking for?
    Where it is defined?
    The type listed come from the sources (sources and headers), visible in the project.
    If the type come from another header file, you can add an include from the "Header Code" at the test_harness level or test_case level.


    Yanis Bensemmane