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Error on _Pragma usage while instrumentation

  • 1.  Error on _Pragma usage while instrumentation

    Rational Test- Rising Star
    Posted Mon January 09, 2023 04:25 PM
    Hi Team,

    in the library _ti_config.h from TI error is pointing when i instrument the source file as below. without instrumentation same file is working fine. is there any issue in using "_Pragma" while instrumentation? 
    is there any special parsing method for _Pragma? 

    TestRT attolccp: "C:\ti\ccs1040\ccs\tools\compiler\ti-cgt-c2000_20.2.5.LTS\lib\src\_ti_config.h",line 54: error #1212:
    this pragma cannot be used in a _Pragma operator (a #pragma directive
    must be used)

    Harikishore reddy Gopalreddy

  • 2.  RE: Error on _Pragma usage while instrumentation

    Posted Tue January 10, 2023 10:02 AM
    Hi Reddy,

    error #1212 is solved when using latest instrumentor (attolcc4) , I suppose you are also using c99 option.
    An upgrade to latest version is recommended. attolcc4 embed the latest analyser which work fine recent compiler version, recent standards and new syntaxes coming with new standards.
    You can also open a support ticket to request TDP upgrade guidance (use new instrumentor).

    Yanis Bensemmane