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Equivalent for 'Clone in git' in ClearCase

  • 1.  Equivalent for 'Clone in git' in ClearCase

    Posted Wed January 05, 2022 01:17 PM
    Hi ClearCase Experts, 

    I am new to ClearCase (just started Today), I used GIT and SVN before for version control.
    In git, I generally 'clone' the repository to fetch the code to my local and do the 'checkout'

    What is the equivalent for it in ClearCase? I read the document ( but there is no clear definition for 'clone' and 'checkout'

    Any help on this is appreciated and will be helpful for many !


    Hari Prasanth Loganathan

  • 2.  RE: Equivalent for 'Clone in git' in ClearCase

    Posted Fri January 07, 2022 09:44 AM

    Welcome to ClearCase!  ClearCase provides several different View types which provide different ways of interacting with the ClearCase.  The most popular View type is Dynamic Views which allow you to work in place without needing to wait while a set of sources is "cloned".  Dynamic Views give you the appearance of working in the main VOB (versioned object base) which is the main tree.  But no worries – all of the versions of files in the VOB will appear to be RO files until you perform a "checkout" which will check out the file and make it writable.  You will be working in your own View, separate from other Views that other people may be using.  ClearCase also provides a view type that is copy based.

    A ClearCase view serves the same function as a Git working-tree might be helpful. They are both workspaces. Git working-trees require a local clone/repository. ClearCase views access remote VOBs/repositories so there's no need to clone a repo.

    Overall, I suggest you talk to some of your colleagues to ensure you have the proper VOBs mounted, which ClearCase model your team is using (base or UCM), and which View type your team generally uses.  ClearCase provides view types for WAN and LAN operation covering both copy and work-in-place.  Then you may want to read up on some of the ClearCase concepts here: and follow-up by reading additional documentation.

    Susan Knapp