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download lastest urbancode velocity docker container
2 14 days ago by Osman Burucu
Original post by José Ricardo Bezerra Gomes
Urban Code Deploy Release Notes
2 one month ago by Laurel Dickson-Bull
Original post by Todd Stephens
jenkins plugin UCDeployPublisher
3 one month ago by Glenn Arpin
Original post by Mehul prajapati
New UrbanCode Trials
0 2 months ago by Laurel Dickson-Bull
REGISTER today! - Webinar on Delivering DevSecOps in an IBM i World
0 8 months ago by Divya Koppolu
REGISTER today! - Webinar on UrbanCode Deploy & Instana for fast feedback and MMTR on Sept 28th
0 10 months ago by Divya Koppolu
Openshift 4.8: UrbanCode Deploy agent 2.0.7 Operator update failing
4 11 months ago by Thomas P. Neal
Original post by Thomas Gould
UrbanCode Deploy Openshift Plugin usage
7 11 months ago by Thomas Gould
Hi I'm Laurel Dickson-Bull
0 11 months ago by Laurel Dickson-Bull
Introduce yourself!
2 one year ago by Divya Koppolu
This Friday: Client Advisory Board meeting topic: UrbanCode Deploy for WebSphere Application Server 3 one year ago by Henk van der Wijk
Original post by Laurel Dickson-Bull
IBM's DevOps Virtual Summit 0 one year ago by Laurel Dickson-Bull