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What's New in Transformation Advisor 3.2.0

By VINH TUAN THAI posted Fri June 17, 2022 12:56 PM

IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor 3.2.0 is now available with a set of new features. We have a demo video here to showcase them.  

The most significant new element that we are introducing in this release is the Groups feature. In an App Modernization journey, a customer might be particularly interested in moving a WebSphere cluster to an equivalent cluster of Liberty containers in Kubernetes. In other cases,  a customer might want to migrate a set of applications that are co-located, work together, use the same resources and managed in the same environment. The first step toward facilitating these scenarios is to enable the user to create a group containing a set of select Java applications from a workspace. Once a group is created, it will provide a filtered view of the estimated cost details to modernize the applications within that group. This view helps with evaluating a subset of your workspace data. 

With the advent of this new feature, we also enhance the Bulk Import/Export feature to support the import and export of groups. In addition, bulk import now also supports a 'noHierarchy' option that will import a flat zip file of Data Collector archive zips.

Another noteworthy part of this release is that the Data Collector now uses binary scanner v22.0.0.3 which includes JAX-RPC Conversion Tool Pre-validation and improved performance. This means that the Data Collector will now produce analysis reports which contain indications if your application is a candidate for conversion by the tool, which is able to validate and convert applications that use JAX-RPC into applications that use JAX-WS using byte-code modification. Customers can take advantage of this feature to identify JAX-RPC applications that can be modified to run on Liberty with less effort than expected.

In addition, in this release Transformation Advisor will provide support to consume the data generated directly by the binary scanner using --ta mode. 

Finally, starting from this release, Transformation Advisor has dropped the ability to do migration assessments for MQ QueueManagers. For information on how to migrate IBM MQ, please refer to https://ibm.biz/ta-mod-mq

What is Transformation Advisor?
Transformation Advisor (TA) is an awesome tool that guides enterprise teams through the uncertainties of migrating existing, on-premise applications to the cloud by providing recommendations on modernization changes and insight into expected complexity and development effort, it even goes as far as creating the artefacts you will need to containerize and deploy an application on cloud. If you are not already familiar with TA you can learn more by watching the episodeAccelerate Application Modernization with IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor on our IBM Expert TV channel