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Ramp up your functional tester with Test Workbench 9.1.1

By Suhas Kashyap posted Wed December 08, 2021 06:11 PM



In Test Workbench  we have added several great new capabilities to Functional Tester and Integration Tester. Take a look and give them a try.

Playback a script directly with Microsoft Edge
How can those of you with investment in Functional Tester web scripts get to Edge?
As of Test Workbench 9.1.1 if Integration Tester and Functional Tester are shell-shared on the same computer you can choose to execute your HTML based Functional Test using the Web UI Tester engine, which includes Edge capability.
But what’s shell-sharing again? It means that both products are installed into the same package group by using IBM Installation Manager. When you run one of the products, the user interface and features contributed by the other product are visible.
Encrypting and decrypting datapools
Datapool encryption was available before 9.1.1 but now Functional Tester supports this important feature. With it you can encrypt confidential information, such as a set of passwords or account numbers that are used during a test. When you run a test that uses a datapool containing encrypted variables, you will see a prompt to enter the password for the datapool. If that test uses multiple encrypted datapools, you will be prompted for each encrypted datapool.
When you run a test that uses a column from an encrypted datapool, the value of the column is decrypted at runtime. The column value is sent as a cleartext string in the requests to the server, however they are not visible outside of that request. This means that the actual values of the encrypted datapool variables are not displayed in the test log. The test log displays asterisks for the encrypted datapool variables.
If you know the datapool password and are comfortable decrypting the datapool, this is possible by removing the encryption setting.
Viewing and sharing test results with unified reporting
Project stakeholders want to see test results without installing the workbench or being a workbench user. Now, in 9.1.1 with unified reporting, all the project stakeholders can view the test reports for functional tests on a single dashboard. Stakeholders can access this dashboard from a web browser; so they don’t need to install the workbench software. For those of you that use Performance Tester to test the performance aspect of the application, the dashboard also shows both the functional and performance reports.

On the dashboard, it’s easy to sort and filter test reports, get an entire view of your application from both a functional and performance perspective, and lock/unlock the specific reports. For detailed information about the Unified reporting dashboard, be sure to read this blog post.

Running functional test scripts remotely on UrbanCode Deploy agent computers
As a tester, you might have a large number of regression tests to be run against the latest builds of a product. Instead of manually running the tests against every new build, you can use an UrbanCode™ Deploy Agent and let it automatically deploy the application and start the tests for you.
With Functional Tester 9.1.1 the plug-in for UrbanCode Deploy has been expanded to enable execution of functional tests from UrbanCode Deploy Agents on Linux computers.

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Functional & Performance Test
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