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Integration tester and syncronizing with IBM Intergration Bus (IIB) using http Integration Tester

By Suhas Kashyap posted Wed December 08, 2021 06:14 PM


Some Integration Tester clients are interested in using Integration Tester with IBM Integration Bus (IIB), where IIB is not being used with WebSphere MQ.  (MQ is no longer a prerequisite for using IIB on distributed platforms as of IIB v10, which means that you can develop and deploy applications independently of WebSphere MQ. You can also run and administer integration nodes without requiring the WebSphere MQ Explorer.)

​In this type of environment:

  • You would configure Integration Tester to point to the Integration Node port, which is 4414 in this example:

The above screen shot is from Integration Toolkit, which is needed if you want a GUI to work with the IIB Integration Nodes (otherwise, you are limited to a command line interface).

  • Integration Tester supports Discover (sync) but not recording or stubbing.

​Once Integration Tester is configured as above, you need to go to the Architecture School perspective and click the Synchronization tab to set up synchronization:

Then create a new Integration Node:

Then configure the Integration Node and test it:

Then click Next and Integration Tester will create the nodes and give you the operations to create Tests and Stubs for Integration Tester:

Only HTTP (not HTTPS) is supported for this synchronization.

Arllen Acevedo
Support Engineer
Continuous Testing