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How to create a swift sample project

By Suhas Kashyap posted Wed December 08, 2021 06:16 PM


In this blog, we will look at how to create a simple SWIFT messaging project with Integration Tester.  This could be useful when investigating the technology for a proof-of-concept, or for learning the Integration Tester product.
SWIFT is a banking and financial messaging exchange standard used by over 11,000 institutions worldwide.  Please consult the main Integration Tester documentation which has further details, including specific message configuration.

To make a SWIFT project in Integration Tester:

  1. In the Architecture School perspective, create a File transport (Logical only). 

  2. Create a test to publish to file of your choice (in the top right of the Publish step, set the Formatter to Text).
  3. In the Publish step, right-click the top of the message and select the desired SWIFT schema.
  4. This is what the step will look like after selecting the above SWIFT schema.
  5. Save your changes and run the test.  It will populate the file you configured with the SWIFT message.

As you can see, it is very easy to configure a SWIFT messaging project.  The schemas are built into Integration Tester, so no additional configuration is required.  Simply choose the messaging technology – such as IBM WebSphere MQ or file – and apply the relevant SWIFT schema.  Then populate the data to be sent and received, and run your tests.

Arllen Acevedo
Support Engineer
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