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Continuous testing myth busters

By Suhas Kashyap posted Wed December 08, 2021 06:19 PM



During conversations with clients, Al Wagner and I often hear some false statements, what we call myths about continuous testing. A few of these myths are “Continuous Testing is just another kind of DevOps flavor”, and “Continuous Testing is just about running test scripts”.
We know these statements are not true. Continuous Testing is much more and is a critical part of DevOps, so much so that knowing what it is and practicing it can really impact your bottom line. ​

To help, Al and I co-authored a book about Continuous Testing. In this eBook, we explain why testing earlier and more often is critical to deliver software faster – a DevOps goal. We also discuss the importance of automating the right set of tests and simulating what’s missing to reduce costs. We provide practical guidance with examples and tips to speed the delivery of high-quality software. Best of all, you can get a free copy of Continuous Testing for Dummies. Download your copy today!

When you do get your copy, be sure to check out chapter five where Al and I bust those continuous testing myths. You can read more about this new eBook too at DevOps.com where I discuss a few of the myths to consider, Dispelling the Myths Around Continuous Testing

To complement our eBook, Al and I recently delivered a webcast about the 10 Myths of Continuous Testing. In this webcast, we busted the myths around continuous testing. The replay is available as an on-demand webcast. By the end of our webinar, you’ll have a much better understanding of the roles that contribute to software quality, how continuous testing fits in DevOps, and how large or complex systems can benefit from continuous testing practices. You’ll also hear our answers to client questions raised during the webinar. Be sure to listen to our webcast.

​Marianne Hollier
Client Advocacy Manager for Testing
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Marianne Hollier is an Open Group Master Certified IT specialist in application development. She has strong, practical expertise in measurably improving the software development lifecycle and driving the necessary cultural changes to make it work. Marianne is instrumental in architecting, tailoring, and deploying best practices and appropriate software development tools on many types of projects—from large to small, long to fast-track, agile to traditional. Marianne is passionate about all things testing—process, tools, culture, and automation. Her experience is broad-based, spanning both custom projects and standard software packages that apply to pharmaceutical, refining, telecommunications, healthcare, financial, automotive, government, and retail industries.