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Rational Test 10.2.1 is out!

By Suhas Kashyap posted Wed September 22, 2021 03:43 PM

IBM Rational Test Fall updates

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Here are some highlights from the recent Rational Test 10.2.1 release

Rational Test Automation Server updates

10.2.1 is focused on some important usability improvements. We've also GA-ed few new features.

  • Integration with IBM Engineering Test Management(ETM) - ETM users can now create a test script of type RTAS from ETM and can run tests of all types from RTAS. Users can also view the status of test execution from within the ETM interface

  • Usability improvements to Git webhooks - Users can now accurately know when a configured Git repository has been configured and assets ready to use with a green tick mark.
  • Improved navigation for Team Space and projects - Improved navigation provides for ease of switching between team spaces, ease of switching projects within a team space, ease of creation of team space and project and managing team space configuration

  • Tokenization of RTAS - IBM Token customers can now access RTAS through Tokens. Please contact your IBM Sales representative for more details
  • Common Test Data Results platform - In order to make sure all test executions output their results in a consistent manner, we have come up with a Common Test data results platform. In this release, API test scripts created with RIT can now output to this common platform. Support for other products in the IBM Rational Test Workbench will be added in the future. A prototype of a Data Viewer that can extract data from the platform has also been included with this release

Rational Performance Tester and Rational Service Tester updates

  • Labels CLI option - Labels which can differentiate and classify test results as a part of CI/CD workflow can now be created with the CLI option
  • Support for updated IBM Common Licensing 9.0 version

Rational Integration Tester updates

  • Users can now override the results database URL at runtime
  • Users of DFDL based messages can now start off from blank roots
  • RTCP stub log level can now be changed without the need to restart stubs
  • Users can get more useful information when using the results DB cleanup command
  • RIT now has better support for Symmetric and Asymmetric Key Algorithms
  • RIT now logs test results into a new Central Test Results Data Platform
  • Stubs now can send Error response message

Rational Functional Tester updates

  • RFT now supports Dual monitors for WebUI and Windows applications
  • Improved User experience while interacting with overlaid controls in Android Mobile Apps
  • Improvements to Unified Reports for Tree views
  • We've made some security and performance improvements to Unified reports
  • UI Test agents are now started on system start and allows users to execute mobile and windows tests
  • Functional Test users can now launch and record UI actions on Edge browser from Web UI Recorder
  • FT HTML script, when using UI playback, now uses browser profile mentioned in UI playback preference page


Rational Test Client Advocacy Program

Our Client Advocacy Program provides customers a direct point of contact for Rational Test products, promoting a strategic relationship with our technical, management, and executive leaders

Our Client Advocacy Program is Based on:

  • Cohesive and collaborative approach influencing the product roadmaps Proactive communication on product news and updates
  • Support for in-depth product understanding and business needs definition
  • Frequent interaction and feedback sessions during product and feature development

If you are a current customer and are interested in our program or have questions, please contact marianne.hollier@hcl.com

Contact Us

  • Suhas Kashyap, Product Manager for Rational Test - suhas.kashyap@ibm.com
  • Marianne Hollier, Client Advocacy Manager - marianne.hollier@hcl.com