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Rational Test 10.1.3 is out

By Suhas Kashyap posted Tue March 23, 2021 09:49 AM

We're excited to announce the release of Rational Test 10.1.3 with many updates. Check out the details below

Rational Test Automation Server updates

10.1.3 is focused on incorporating user feedback and adding in improvements to Mobile testing and Service Virtualization

  • Service Virtualization (TechPreview) - Allow users to run HTTP(s) virtual services from RTAS and manage stub executions separately from other test resources
  • System under test modeling to support Service Virtualization (TechPreview) - Users are now able to use System Model to examine resources associated with specific components in their System Under Test

  • Team Spaces (TechPreview) - Provides the capability to organize, manage visibility and some assets of projects inside a team space

  • Usability improvements  - Many "Quality of life" improvements like the following were added to RTAS. For more details, please refer to the official documentation
    • User notification when a repository is added/removed
    • Repository not refreshed when owner has not logged in
    • Platform updates

Rational Performance Tester and Rational Service Tester updates

  • Sort table elements by execution order  - Heeding to many customer requests, we've now made changes so that users can see items in tables in a more natural expected order.


Rational Integration Tester updates

  • Added the ability to encrypt and decrypt individual fields in a SOAP message body using WS-Security

  • Proxy support in FTP and SFTP to connect to external machines
  • Ability to use OpenID and OAuth2 Authentication and Authorization mechanisms
  • Support navigating JSON based API message payloads with JSON Path
  • Allow users to more easily test GraphQL endpoints
  • Ability to record traffic on a public cluster using OpenShift Service Mesh (TechPreview)

Rational Functional Tester updates

  • A new “Browser” tab contains all browser profile details - We now bring browser profile related options under a new tab called "Browser"
  • Clear browsing data for Opera browser
  • SAP 760 Support in Traditional RFT
  • RFT & Web UI Reports Unification - Export to JUnit format
  • Support for auto upgrade of browser driver for remote execution

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