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Gitlab + IBM Rational Test

By Suhas Kashyap posted Thu January 14, 2021 10:03 AM


You might have heard and read about IBM and Gitlab's strategic decision to partner with each other. Find the link here . Check out more details here. These are very exciting times for us.

What does this mean for IBM Rational Test?

IBM Rational Test has many integration points with Gitlab

  • Developers and testers can store their test cases authored in IBM Rational Test Workbench into Gitlab. Users can also store test data files into Gitlab. IBM Rational Test Automation Server (RTAS) picks up both test cases and test data from Gitlab and runs them either on the Cloud Provider of choice or On Prem. Watch this demo here
  • Developers and testers can create Merge Requests from Gitlab and automatically trigger running of API, Functional, Performance tests and Virtual Services from the Gitlab CI CD pipeline. This ensures that the code is tested and sanitized before it makes it to the develop or release branches. Watch this demo here

IBM Rational Test customers can now use Rational Test with Gitlab's powerful features like (but not limited to)

      * Source Control Management
      * CI/CD
      * Auto DevOps
      * DevSecOps
      * Kubernetes support
      * Gitlab Issues and many more

How IBM Rational Test supplements Gitlab's testing capabilities

What this means for Gitlab?

Gitlab has the following capabilities in it's CI/CD and Auto DevOps

    * Browser performance testing using
    * Load performance testing on kubernetes
    * Web application testing using Selenium and WebdriverIO

Gitlab provides some out of the box testing tools like the ones mentioned above. These are good enough for some teams. But, if teams are looking at more advanced continuous testing capabilities like the following, IBM Rational Test provides them

Service Virtualization of a wide range of complex Protocols
    * Performance testing and service virtualization on Z mainframes
    * Scriptless low code, no code authoring of testcases and many more

These features will be supplemented by IBM Rational Test's powerful and industry leading Rational Test Workbench, Rational Test Virtualization Server and Rational Test Automation Server. This would strengthen the Testing portfolio and would cater to various personas like (but not restricted to)

    * Business User
    * Test Manager
    * Test Director
    * Agile Scrum Master
    * Product Owner
    * Developers, testers, Agile team members
    * Functional IDs