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Rational Test 10.1.2 is out!

By Suhas Kashyap posted Wed December 16, 2020 11:26 AM

I'm happy to announce release of Rational Test 10.1.2!

Here are some of the highlights of the release

Rational Test Automation Server updates

10.1.2 is focused on incorporating user feedback and adding in improvements to Mobile testing and Service Virtualization

  • RTAS can now integrate with Jira. Users can now link Jira defects and work items with RTAS test cases and map the test run with Jira work items
    Users can also raise Jira defects from within the reporting view
  • iOS support for Mobile Native Testing (TechPreview3) – Continuing on our Mobile Native testing capabilities, 10.1.2 comes with support for the popular iOS platform. Users can now run tests created for iOS-based Applications on the Server platform
  • RTAS Notifications platform - RTAS now has an event notification framework that supports notifications of selectable events of interest both from within the RTAS interface and through emails; including for example, the ability to receive an email with test execution results upon test completion.
  • Service Virtualization on RTAS (TechPreview 2) – Support for Istio1.6 based applications.
  • Prioritized Floating Users – Users can now specify user sets for priority access to licenses within RTAS. This would ensure the availability of RTAS licenses for various DevOps CI CD scenarios
  • RTAS now has webhooks enabled. Github or Gitlab repositories which are configured in RTAS can now be updated and realtime updates are sent to RTAS using the webhooks

Rational Performance Tester and Rational Service Tester updates

  • Access datasets from custom code to read and write row data with the new DataSets APIs
  • Publish large performance reports to RTAS – multi gigabyte reports are now chunked during publication to ensure reliable delivery
  • Report improvements to support ease of viewing percentiles such as 99.9 for counters
    Support for Brotli – decompression of Brotli encoded responses so they can be read and used for correlation

Rational Integration Tester updates

  • Rational Integration Tester and Rational Test Virtualization Server now support logging through Jaeger. Both these products now log to a single tracing sink (Jaeger server) which provides for analysis and support usage statistics
  • Improvements to the RIT – RQM integration to enhance the performance when running a large number of tests. Reference linked types from JSON schema when building messages
  • Support for external SWIFT standards definitions, allowing the ability to support multiple instances in order to test against older versions of the schema
  • Record and build virtual services for Istio 1.6 based service mesh applications

Rational Test Realtime 8.3

We released the version 8.3 of Rational TestRealtime recently. Followng are the highlights

  • Rational Test RealTime is now delivered with Eclipse 4.7.3 and CDT 9. It can be also installed on Eclipse 4.12 (also known as 2019.06) by using the update site mechanism
  • A tester can import OTD scripts from IBM Rational Development Studio to Eclipse IDE and run them as PTU test scripts. Reports are generated in the same way as Rational Development Studio.
  • New HTML-based reports and standard reports are generated by the code review post processor.. A template-based report provides users with expanded customization options, including customization of logos and titles.
  • MISRA 2004 and 2012 rules improvements:
    • Rules relative to the number of lines of code now propose different ways to compute the lines of code (LOC) with the following options:
    • Calculation with or without empty lines
    • Calculation with or without comments 
    •  The new rules available are:
    • Maximum number of functions in a compilation unit
    • Maximum number of global variables in a compilation unit
    • Maximum number of lines in a compilation unit
    • Maximum number of parameters in a function
  • Eclipse IDE can be used to run other testing tools:
    • Eclipse IDE now supports test scripts based on Python, Shell, or Windows commands.
    • Runtime analysis feature can be used in parallel.
  • HTML reports that are generated by the Rational Test RealTime and Rational Development Studio tools can be integrated with the global report.

Rational Functional Tester updates

  • Testing of iOS Mobile Apps on Device Clouds - Users record and run tests for iOS applications Desktop testing for Windows update
    Export the new report to PDF for simplified offline sharing
    Publish the new report to RQM by default
  • Extend the new report to include details of CExtended Menu verification points as well as Properties Verification Points Dedicated action for Web UI tests to clear browser caches enabling mid-test cache clearance.
  • Browser driver validation and update mechanism – ensures testers have the most appropriate browser driver for the version of the browser they are testing with
  • Access datasets from custom code to read and write row data with the new DataSets APIs

Rational Test Client Advocacy Program

Our Client Advocacy Program provides customers a direct point of contact for Rational Test products, promoting a strategic relationship with our technical, management, and executive leaders

Our Client Advocacy Program is Based on:

  • Cohesive and collaborative approach influencing the product roadmaps
  • Proactive communication on product news and updates
  • Support for in-depth product understanding and business needs definition
  • Frequent interaction and feedback sessions during product and feature development

If you are a current customer and are interested in our program or have questions, please contact

Contact Us

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