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Sneak Peak: 2023 TechXchange labs for Application Runtimes (WebSphere, Liberty, Java and DevOps)

By Stephanie Wilkerson posted Mon July 10, 2023 10:10 AM


Our team is very excited about the upcoming TechXchange conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. After the Vegas TechXchange event, we are planning  European and AP events. 

Read on for a first look at some of the offerings in the Application Runtimes track hands-on labs. Titles and descriptions are subject to change as we refine the content and we will be adding more as well. 

Post any questions or suggestions in the comments; We look forward to seeing you there!

Title Description
Coding imperative and reactive cloud-native microservices with Liberty In this hands-on lab, you will learn about imperative and reactive cloud-native Java microservices and how you can easily write, build, test, and run them in clouds using Liberty.
Learn to refactor Java monoliths to microservices with Mono2Micro - an AI-Powered Java Monolith to Microservices Transformer Of all the variants of application modernization, refactoring to microservices is the hardest, but when properly implemented, provides the maximum ROI. Mono2Micro semi-automates the refactoring process using AI and significantly accelerates and economizes the task of refactoring Java monoliths to microservices in the cloud running on Liberty.

In this hands-on workshop you will refactor a small Java EE application into deployable microservices via the following steps:
- Monolith static code analysis
- Run use cases on the instrumented monolith to generate runtime traces of execution flow
- Generation of AI-recommended partitions
- Customization of partitions
- Code generation to quickly wire and stand up the partitions
- Deployment of partitions as executable microservices in containers
Hands-on Mass Modernization - Move past the single app POC to rapidly modernize ALL your Java apps

You want to modernize all your Java applications as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

In this lab, you will:

- Install GitOps tools in OpenShift
- Create a pipeline in OpenShift to deploy your fully configured applications
- Put a Transformation Advisor migration bundle into Github and configure it
- Deploy your application to OpenShift with a single command
- Put a Transformation Advisor cluster migration bundle into Github and configure it
- Deploy a cluster of applications to OpenShift with a single command
- Be ready to rapidly deploy every Simple (no code changes required) application you have in your estate
- Understand the Transformation Advisor Mass Modernization report that will convert all your applications to Simple applications

Fast iterative development and modern cloud-native Java developer experience with Liberty Tools In this lab, you experience using Liberty Tools with Liberty dev mode in a modern integrated development environment (IDE) for rapid and efficient iterative develop, test, debug cycle when developing Java-based applications for WebSphere Lberty. 

Liberty development mode, or dev mode, allows you to develop applications with any text editor or IDE by providing hot reload and deployment, on demand testing, and debugger support. Liberty dev mode is enabled through Maven and Gradle projects.
Your code is automatically compiled and deployed to your running server, making it easy to iterate on your changes.
You can run tests on demand or even automatically so that you can get immediate feedback on your changes. You can also attach a debugger at any time to debug your running application.

The new Liberty Tools enable developers to rapidly iterate and easily write, test, and debug cloud-native Java applications running on Liberty using popular IDEs such as Eclipse IDE, IntelliJ IDEA, and Visual Studio Code.  In this workshop, you will experience all these first hand using what Liberty Tools offer to Java developers.
Mapping your software delivery pipeline in a DevOps Velocity value stream This hands-on workshop provides step by step instructions to configure a value stream in Velocity. Modify the workflow json file visualizing work items as “dots” in the many phases and stages which make up the software delivery pipeline. Gain an understanding of the data model and the relationships created between commits, builds, deployments, and quality metrics. Learn how to configure KPIs. Take that next step and build advanced aggregate value streams to visualize work in a variety of ways.
Integrating the IBM DevOps portfolio – achieve end-to-end pipeline automation

Simply adding automation tools to a delivery pipeline without integrating end to end only allows manual queues to remain, waste to persist, and objectives to me missed. But it doesn’t have to be this way! In the spirit of optimizing the system as a whole and improving flow, IBM DevOps Automation provides teams with the ability to implement a fully integrated delivery process where the commit of software change can automatically be subjected to various levels of testing and released into production without delay!

Join us to learn how to integrate DevOps Velocity, DevOps Deploy and DevOps Test optimizing the flow of work across the software delivery pipeline - from commit to prod - with the right level of governance.

Hands-on - Build and deploy a cloud-native application with Liberty on Azure Kubernetes Service

Targeting Azure? You can easily use Liberty on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) to rapidly develop, build, and deploy Jakarta EE and MicroProfile applications in containers. Liberty helps you achieve significant development and performance benefits.

In this lab, you will explore what Liberty offers Java developers on Azure and take you through the steps needed to use Liberty to build and deliver cloud-native applications on this popular cloud.

Hands-on InstantOn and Cloud-Optimized Java with Liberty and IBM Semeru Runtimes

Liberty InstantOn enables lightning fast (in milliseconds!) startup and scaling of Java applications without compromises; Semeru Cloud Compiler provides Just-In-Time (JIT) compilation as a service optimising cloud resource usage and cost for Java applications while delivering performance. Liberty InstantOn and Semeru Cloud Compiler are the perfect combo for hybrid cloud Java deployments.

In this hands-on lab,  you will learn and experience the power and benefits Liberty InstantOn and Semeru Cloud Compiler offer cloud-native Java applications. Join us!

WebSphere proactive CVE protection and memory leak remediation observed by Instana IBM WebSphere Automation (WSA) addresses common vulnerabilities and exposures (CVE) and capacity incidents remediation in WebSphere environments. 

In this lab, use a single dashboard in WebSphere Automation to discover, analyze and remediate CVEs that impact WebSphere. Then you will explore the proactive CVE protection features like CVE detection, patch history and patch deployment to remediate vulnerabilities in WebSphere.

After that, use a WebSphere Application Server registered with WSA and monitored by Instana to drive a memory leak investigation by IBM WebSphere Automation.  Instana will detect a memory leak event and initiate communication with WSA. WSA will open an investigation and provide an analysis summary which indicates the likely potential root cause of the memory leak.

Join us for the first TechXchange Conference for practitioners using IBM products and solutions. Also, save $300 with early bird pricing if you register before July 21st. See you there!