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What's new in the WebSphere Migration Tools? Version

By Ryan Golden posted Fri December 02, 2022 11:26 AM

In the release we focused on providing a new migration path to Jakarta EE 9 in the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries (binary scanner). Now when running the binary scanner you can specify the --targetJakartaEE=ee9 parameter to run a new set of analysisrules to flag issues that might be encountered during a migration to Jakarta EE 9 on Liberty. With this release Technology Evaluation scans include an additional set of rules to detect Jakarta EE technologies. Download the new release of the migration tools today and give them a try!

In Case You are New to the Tools

The binary scanner can produce a report containing configuration information, a list of necessary code changes for migration, and a view of the contents within the archive. This report can be generated in multiple formats, and you can use different parameters to filter information that you want to include. More information about the binary scanner and its usage can be found in the What is the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries? blog post.

The WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit (source scanner) is an Eclipse plugin for analyzing source code directly within your development environment. The source scanner has analysis for making the initial transition from traditional WebSphere to Liberty, WebSphere version-to-version migration,  and for moving from other application servers to Liberty. When possible, automatic code changes (quick fixes) are available. More information about the source scanner can be found in the What is the WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit? blog post. 

Binary Scanner
New Analysis Rules: Jakarta EE 9

Support was added in the binary scanner for migrating WebSphere applications to Jakarta EE 9 on Liberty. Set --targetJakartaEE=ee9 to run a set of rules added to detect any issues an application might have when migrating to Jakarta EE 9. For more information on Jakarta EE 9 in Liberty visit Jakarta EE Overview

New Technology Rules: Jakarta EE

Rules have been added to detect usage of Jakarta Technologies during scans using --evaluate and --all.

If you are ready to move to Jakarta 9, grab the latest binary scanner to get the migration information you need!

Heritage API Common Exception Rule

The migration rules that detect the usage of WebSphere Common Exception APIs have been updated for APIS that are now provided in WebSphere Liberty using the heritageAPIs-1.1 feature. This rule provides a warning that these APIs are not provided in Open Liberty and information on how to migrate away from them.

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