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What's new in the WebSphere Migration Tools

By Ralph Sanders posted Fri March 25, 2022 09:00 AM

The WebSphere Application Server Migration Tools can be used to analyze the contents of an application and determine what changes are needed to migrate to Liberty, a new version of WebSphere, or a new version of Java. In this post we will explore the new features in the release. Information about how to use our tools can be found in the WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit documentation. For an overview of the application modernization process, see the Modernizing applications to use WebSphere Liberty learning path.

The Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries (binary scanner) is a command line tool for analyzing application binaries. After scanning the application, it produces a report with configuration information, a list of necessary code changes for migration, and a view of the contents within the archive. This report can be generated in multiple formats, and you can use different parameters to filter information that you would like to be included. More information about the binary scanner can be found in the What is the Migration Toolkit for Application Binaries? blog post.

The WebSphere Application Server Migration Toolkit (source scanner) is an Eclipse plugin for analyzing source code directly within your development environment.  The source scanner uses the same set of rules as the binary scanner to flag code changes that will be necessary for your migration. When possible, automatic code changes (quick fixes) are available. More information about the source scanner can be found in the What is the WebSphere Application Migration Toolkit? blog post.

Binary Scanner

Inventory Reports Display Shared Libraries
We updated the application tree in inventory reports to display shared libraries when the --detectSharedLibraries or --sharedLibraries parameters are used. You can now view the shared libraries along with the other components of your application. This addition allows you to fully visualize the structure of the shared libraries within your application.

CommonJ App Migration
WebSphere Liberty version introduced the CommonJ Timer and Work Manager APIs through the inclusion of the heritageAPIs-1.1 feature. Now that these APIs are supported by WebSphere Liberty, we updated the CommonJ Timer and Work Manager rules and rule help to include this information. We also made updates to Quartz API detection that relies on Work Manager APIs.

Performance Upgrades
We made considerable improvements to the performance of scans. The Detailed Migration Analysis Report in version completes in as little as half the time required by earlier versions, which means that --analyze, --all, and --all-separate-reports scans are all significantly faster.

Source Scanner

CommonJ App Migration
Similar to the update in the binary scanner, we have also updated the source scanner rules to reflect the recent changes in support for the CommonJ Timer, CommonJ Work Manager, and Quartz APIs.