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What's New in Transformation Advisor 3.6.0

By PAUL BARRY posted Fri June 30, 2023 10:25 AM


IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor 3.6.0 is now available!
If Transformation Advisor is new to you then read the blurb at the bottom first!

You can find the full list of updates for IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor right here

Simplified configuration management

The migration bundle now comes with Kustomize files that define all your sensitive and non-sensitive data, extracted from your server.xml file to make managing your configuration as simple as possible. All your non-sensitive data is available as a config-map and your sensitive data is available in secret files. You simply update the secret file with your sensitive data (password etc) and a single command will deploy the application, create the secrets and make them available.

Securing your configuration

The secret files are provided by Transformation Advisor to accelerate your modernisation. If you plan to use them directly then they will need to be secured in the appropriate GitOps repositories or alternative location, once sensitive data has been added. Alternatively these files are also extremely useful for integrating into your existing security processes - for example by conveniently exposing the values you need to add to Vault. 

Easily deploy to all you environments (dev, test, staging, production and more)

Transformation Advisor uses the Kustomize overlays to allow you to create multiple sets of files, one for each of your environments. You add the necessary sensitive data values for each environment and then your application can be deployed with the correct configuration with a single command. 

Day 2 Monitoring out-of-the-box

Transformation Advisor now automatically adds the appropriate Liberty features to your application so that collection of your application metrics happens out-of-the-box. The application's Java EE specification level and existing features are used to determine the most appropriate type of monitoring to enable. 

No more CORS

File upload now takes place directly via the UI, which means no more CORS errors! If you have encountered issues in the past with uploading files via the UI then odds are the issue was CORS related - that's gone now.  As an added bonus this improvement also simplifies configuration for using custom ports, proxies and forwarding.

What is Transformation Advisor?

Transformation Advisor (TA) is an awesome tool that guides enterprise teams through the uncertainties of migrating existing, on-premise applications to the cloud by providing recommendations on modernization changes and insight into expected complexity and development effort, it even goes as far as creating the artefacts you will need to containerize and deploy an application on cloud. If you are not already familiar with TA you can learn more by watching the episode Accelerate Application Modernization with IBM Cloud Transformation Advisor on our IBM Expert TV channel