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What's new in IBM Rational ClearCase 10.0.1

By Osman Burucu posted 23 days ago


IBM Rational ClearCase 10.0.1


This new release was shipped October 3, 2023 and contains many new features and fixes and latest Platform support. It also replaces earlier ClearCase 10.0.0 and releases. A detailed list of changes can be found in this Technote.

Updates on Technology

Several technological changes were incorporated into ClearCase 10.0.1. Like the upgrade of ClearTeamExplorer (CTE) to Eclipse 4.23 and Java 11 (no bundled Java JRE, continue with Bring Your Own Java). With this changes it is required to uninstall and reinstall from previous versions. Please have a look at the update guides to help you through this transition (Update Guide, Migration Guide from 32bit ClearCase).

Platform Support

Existing supported platforms have been updated to newer versions and zLinux support was added back to IBM Rational ClearCase 10.0.1. The list of supported platforms will be updated as soon as testing of platforms finishes.

New and updated Features

To provide the ability to modify version-controlled files without requiring to first explicitly make files writeable the Automatic Hihack mode was introduced. This new mode supports snapshot and web-views and can be created either with the command line flag -ahi/jack or using the ClearTeam Explorer.

A new Jenkins plug-in was introduced to run automated or manual builds on IBM Rational ClearCase streams and baselines. This plug-in supports pipeline jobs to poll for changes on a stream and freestyle jobs by initiating builds by webhooks invoked via deliver completion triggers. This jobs can create or remove views as needed by the build. This plug-in is currently supported only on Linux and Windows x86_64 platforms using Unified Change Management (UCM) streams with automatic and web views. For more details please have a look at the documentation.

For Microsoft Visual Studio Code (VSCode) a new extension was build to provide the capability to perform many ClearCase operations within the tool. For more detail please read this great Blog from Nitesh Hibare.

Nitesh also wrote a great Blog about the integration to BeanBag Reviewboard. Reviewboard is a web-based collaborative code review tool, available free under MIT license.

For Cadence users a new enhancements helps to simplify cancel check-out messages using a new environment variable.

And last but not least, Automatic views are now available in ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC). Automatic views provide ability to remotely access ClearCase versions and manage workspaces through the Automatic View WAN server.

Webinar Recording

For more Details please have a look at the recording of Improved usability and toolchain integration in IBM Rational ClearCase V 10.0.1 Webinar.